Popular Betting Options in Online Sports Pools

online sports betting

If you are a sports fan and you love football, basketball, horseracing, and the like, you will probably look at sports betting as exciting as the game itself. Indeed, this form of gambling is on the rise anywhere else in the world since the advent of the internet and its legalization in many civilized communities.

Betting online on the outcome of games does not only involve predicting the winner. You can bet following these different betting options. Before you can choose an option, oddsmakers open a line on a game. They will then decide on which team will be the favorites and which will be the underdogs. The favorites are the expected winners, while the underdogs are expected to lose in the game.



One way to bet on a favorite or an underdog is called the point spread where the favorite gives points while the underdog gets the points. For example, before the third game of the 2018 NBA finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, oddsmakers placed the Warriors as 8-points favorites against the Cavaliers.

If you bet on the Warriors, the Warriors should win by as many as 8 points before you can win. In the actual game, the Warriors won 110 to 102 for the Cavaliers, which means that you won. But if in case that they won by 7 points then you get your money back. You should have lost if the Warriors won by 6-point or lower, or when they lost the game.


You can also bet on the moneyline. Favorites are given the minus sign ( – ) while the underdog has a plus sign ( + ) before your bet.

If your bet on the favorite is -200, you have to bet $200 to be able to win $100. If the favorites win the match, you will win $100, but if they lose, you will lose all your bet.

Underdogs are expected to lose, so betting on them will give you more rewards. If you bet $100, you will win $200 in return. You will only lose the amount of your bet when they lose.

Totals or Over/Under

moneyAnother way of placing a bet is through the total of the combined scores of the competing teams, which is also called over/under. Following the example above, if the oddsmakers placed the combined score of the Warriors and the Cavaliers at 212, all those who placed their bets above 212 won and those who betted below 212 lost.

If you are new to online sports betting, you have a lot to know about the game. If you are decided to play on money, start with lower bets. You can increase your bets in due time when you think you have gained some skills.